StandAtlantic cms2020


27.03.21 Sa / Einlass 19:00 / Beginn 19:30 / AK 20,00 € / VVK 16,00 € (zzgl. Gebühren / inkl. Bus & Bahn)

In Verschiebung: STAND ATLANTIC

Alternative / Emo / Rock Konzert im KESSELHAUS

Das Konzert wird aufgrund der durch das Coronavirus bedingten Veranstaltungseinschränkungen verschoben. Wir arbeiten aktuell an einem neuen Termin und informieren euch sobald wir ein Ergebnis haben. Gekaufte Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

Das sagt die Band: “hey guys, as we’re sure you have figured out - the march / april shows for UK/EU cannot go ahead due to government guidelines. We will be rescheduling the shows ASAP so please hold onto your tickets as they will remain valid! when we do announce the new dates, you will of course be eligible for a refund if you can’t make those new dates! Can’t wait to see you all soon! x”



Wir sind kurz mal faul und posten einfach den Promo Text:
After two years of non-stop touring, headlining sold out shows in North America, UK/Europe, and their home country of Australia, the band stood up to the challenge of writing and recording the follow up to 2018’s breakout debut album, Skinny Dipping. Going back to their trusty producer, Stevie Knight (The Dead Love, With Confidence), the band delivered, Pink Elephant, the most unapologetically Stand Atlantic album ever - bold and vibrant with the type of bravado that only comes once you put everything on the line and write something so honest that you can’t care about what anyone thinks.
Pink Elephant is that amalgamation of unrestrained and unbridled energy and attitude as singer, Bonnie Fraser, pushes through the awkward discomfort of confronting the people and issues blocking her path, one elephant and one song at a time. Each song finds Bonnie coming to terms with a different “pink elephant” in her life and coming face to face with those uncomfortable experiences. In the driving/high energy song, “Jurassic Park,” Bonnie explores a different side of mental illness - how it affects family members and partners - in an homage to her mom and her strength through a trying situation. A few songs later, in the punch-in-the-face, guitar-driven, “Wavelength,” Stand Atlantic writes about a personal relationship strife with poor communication, where not being on the same wavelength leads to an endless cycle of talking and fighting.
Sonically, Pink Elephant, also showcases Stand Atlantic at their most inventive and willing to take risks. From the defiant and raw, “Shh,” to the intimate and vulnerable, “Drink To Drown,” Stand Atlantic hits with trademark tongue in cheek lyrics and powerful metaphors that resonate through every part of your soul. This is most evident in “Blurry” which sees Stand Atlantic shed the comfort of guitars for a pop/electronic vibe that holds court for Bonnie’s moody and deeply cutting lyrics about a relationship with someone that you know you shouldn’t be with, but stay with them anyway, even though you know it’s not good for you.